Abducting Ten Minutes of Your Time

abducted1.jpgIn “Abducted: 10 Minutes!!”, you play a policeman whose daughter has been kidnapped by the very terrorists he capture in 1994. If you take any longer than 10 minutes to rescue your daughter, she gets shot. Of course, there’s plenty of opportunity in the game for you to get shot yourself. Don’t worry. There’s a save function so you don’t have to start from the beginning every time you die.

The premise of the game is interesting due to the 10-minute time limit. Most everything takes place in a single apartment building, although you do have to use your car and talk to a bum outside. This is a simple point and click adventure, but you need to use your right-click more than usual to change between actions.

The graphics of the game are rudimentary at best. The hardest part of the game is interacting with the environment. You may have to click around a certain item to even use it due to the very particular pointer. This can be remedied when you realize a single white pixel at the edge of your “hand” command (and all the others), is actually what you need to align with objects. Even then, it’s a little hard to know where things are meant to be clicked.neutral.jpg

Verdict: It’s worthwhile to play since it’s a free download. The story is somewhat interesting, but the game is short.

You can download Abucted from this website. It’s a 900kb download. You will also need to unzip the file, so you need a program like Winzip. This program is absolutely free to download.


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