Not so “Delicious”

delicious.jpgDelicious is a game about serving food. For those of you privy to such games as Diner Dash and Cake Mania, you can somewhat garner an idea of what it’s about. You play a girl named Emily (I’m quite sure that’s her name; you don’t really get an idea of her character throughout the game so she could be named Restaurant Master for all I care) who has dreamed of owning a restaurant. Perhaps the only reason I know this is because the first restaurant is called “Emily’s Dream.”

Okay, so games that you download off Shockwave Unlimited or Yahoo! Games aren’t necessarily the best at setting up a premise. What you go download a game for (and the reason you pay $8/month for RealArcade) is to have fun and indulge in original gameplay.

So, here’s the gameplay. Each level looks nearly identical to the one before. You have a counter space where various foods can be prepared (milkshakes, cookies, salads, bagel sandwiches, etc.) and where your customers can pay for their meal. There are also tables in the restaurants where customers can sit if they don’t want to walk to the counter to order. That’s when you have to become super waitress and serve the sitting customers, too.

Sound complicated? It’s not. I found myself falling asleep during some levels. The game practically cdeliciousangry.jpgrawls until the middle of a shift when everyone decides to order at the same time; and even that doesn’t happen until about the fourth restaurant. You can even manage to win a level with a few red-faced customers storming out. On the other hand, you could play a level perfectly and not reach the goal points.

Even worse (or perhaps, this is a blessing), the game is short. There are only seven restaurants with five levels each — a grand total of 35 levels that all look the same. You don’t even have a real indication of the fact that the game will end. It just ends and tells you to go play its equivalent of Endless Mode.

sad.jpgThe verdict? It’s fun for an hour or so, but then there’s nothing left. This game has no replay value. It could have been a great game. Instead, it became a repetitive mush.

Delicious can be downloaded from Yahoo! Games and RealArcade. RealArcade has a game subscription service that allows you to download one free game a month for around $8 a month. Then they allow you to take $5 off the base price of any game. You should not pay the $20 price tag for Delicious. Either take advantage of RealArcade’s free download or download the free one-hour trial from .


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