Apprenticeship was never so much fun

apprentice.jpgThe Apprentice does what all great superheroes do in their time: mop floors and get sent on pointless errands by their wizard bosses. Yes. That sounds like a way I’d like to spend my precious college hours. Of course, you get to step in Pib’s place just when he is given the opportunity to do his first spell! Yay!

Those of you savvy with adventure game speak will realize this means “go find such-and-such and bring it back to point A.” The gameplay is very intuitive. The point-and-click interface is used, and there’s only a few things you can do with any given object (look, use, walk to).

The best thing about the Apprentice is its rather quirky use of objects. That also makes the game slightly more difficult because the last puzzle relies on outside knowledge that you don’t think about everyday. Well, if you do, then you probably make saddlebags for a living.

happy.jpg This game is definitely a must-download for anyone who enjoys a good laugh. The only downside is how short the game actually is.

The Apprentice is a FREE download from Herculean Effort Productions. You will need to unzip the file before you can play it on your computer. There’s 26 MB version and a 6 MB version. I reviewed the 6 MB verison without the full voice and soundtrack.


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