Distracting diversion will eat your time


Distractions” is probably one of the cutest games short games you will play that will eat away at your time. The gameplay is simple. You use your mouse to guide the chick through a course — something that you probably think you’ve seen a billion of times.

Well, not exactly. The game is called “Distractions” for a reason. I can’t say much more than that, except that you will be swearing at the cutest Korean-drawn flowers this side of the Internet. And then when you die (which you will, probably around 1,000 points your first try), you will click replay again. And again. And again.

veryhappy.jpg Sometimes, the games that look the cutest can have the largest addiction factor. If you’re a big, strong man that abhors anything cute, I have one thing to say: just try it. It’ll kick your butt.

Distractions is not even a download! Just go to MoFunZone and play it in your browser.


2 Responses to Distracting diversion will eat your time

  1. Joy says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the game. 🙂 I’m hooked on it.

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