Ore no Ryomi 2: Serving food at a frenzied pace

ore1.jpgOre no Ryomi 2 has many things that detract from it: the graphics look like scribbles, it takes at least a half-hour to pick up the snail’s pace of the beginning, and there is a slight lack of female customers.

And yet, I found myself glued to my computer screen, attempting to increase my profit margin like a greedy capitalist. I found myself weighing the disadvantages and advantages of buying a new item for the menu or four days of television advertisement. I also found myself cursing at the screen when five people were ordering at the same time while my oven was on fire.

Yes, you do not just serve your customers. You also have to wash dishes, run the disposal, catch crooks, make sure yourore2.jpg oven doesn’t spontaneously combust, and many, many other restaurant-running essentials. After awhile, the graphics don’t even bother you anymore: you’re too busy trying to make ice cream while hoping the time window for washing dishes doesn’t close before you’re done.

ore3.jpgAh, yes. The frenzied atmosphere of Ore no Ryomi is deliciously difficult — if you have the patience to build your restaurant to that state. The first few “days” are slow: depending on what you buy, you may only be serving beer for many a day. Your customers will be sparse, and you will fancy you can hear a virtual pin drop during the minutes between customers. But stick with it. The game picks up, and you will soon be fully immersed in the game’s schedule.

Another upside of Ore no Ryomi 2 is the off-kilter sense of humor Mr. Chubbigans possesses. How strange is it? It features a parody of “Iron Chef,” if you’re good enough to be inviting onto the show for eight different unlockable challenges. Also, take some time to read the news flashes in the beginning of each day. They’ll definitely give you a chuckle or two.

happy.jpg It takes awhile for this game to pick up speed, but, once it does, you’ll be having such an enjoyable experience, you’ll be saying, “I can’t believe I didn’t pay for this.”

Ore no Ryomi 2 is a free download from Vertigo Games. You will need a file extractor like WinZip to play the game.


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  1. […] There’s not much to say about this game except that it’s addictive in the way Pong was addictive. You’ll play it for awhile, and then decide you’d rather be serving food. […]

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