Puzzle game turns your time into gold (I think)

talismania1.jpgTalismania Deluxe 1.0 (that’s the whole, mouthful of a name) is one of those downloadable puzzle games most subscription game services offer. Unlike its puzzle-game counterparts, Talismania presents a quirky storyline with a thoroughly enjoyable gameplay.

You take the role of King Midas, the man whose touch turned everything to gold. Unfortunately, this time, he made quite a mistake: he turned his daughter into a gold statue. Now, he needs to do charitable deeds around the (Greek) neighborhood in order to restore his daughter to perfect health. You need to raise coins to build such monuments as the walls of Troy and the Temple at Delphi.

All you need to do is connect pathways between various animals made of precious metals. Okay, you’re probatalismania2.jpgbly thinking I could do a better job of explaining myself. I probably could, but that would involve a lot of convoluted writing. Looking at the picture on the left will probably be easier. You have to connect the like talismans together. Unlike other games, this game does not reward speed so much as your ability to make the longest possible trail between talismans (men?). Some talismen cause problems (the Medusa turns your paths into stone), and some reward you with extra coins.

happy.jpgAll in all, Talismania is a great puzzle game. It’s simple, so there’s not much more to say about it.

Talismania can be downloaded from many subscription games sites. I downloaded it from Shockwave Unlimited.


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