Prelim Review: Gorgeous graphics, stifling gameplay

muffin.jpgMuffin: The Star Hunter has one glorious attribute: it’s absolutely stunning. The environments are colorful and the pixel character you control is fittingly cute (not to mention small — her slimy enemies look as if they could squash her just by sitting on her).

But, as we know, stunning graphics alone do not a pleasant experience make. (Remember the movie version of Final Fantasy?) I call this a prelim review because I’ve only played through a small portion of the game.muffin2.jpg However, I don’t know if I’ll be returning to this game anytime soon.

The rules follow the basics of platform games: collect 10 stars in each level while bouncing on listless enemies that could hurt you if you touch them. Her only weapon is the fact that she can jump very, very high and bounce on the head of jello-like snail… things. It’s engaging for a while, and then you realize that there’s no way to recover what you’ve done. No password system. Period. Meaning, once you die, Muffin has to start from the bright and cheery depths of level one.

Another annoying part of the game is the sound. I’d advise anyone who enjoys his eardrums to turn the speakers off when playing this game. Muffin makes a high-pitched squeak every time she jumps. And she jumps often. The music itself is actually nice to listen to. But paired with that squeak, it’s just not worth it.

neutral.jpg I’d advise people to play this game just to look at the pretty graphics. But it’s not extremely enjoyable, and the lack of a password mechanism makes the game all the more frustrating.

You can play Muffin: The Star Hunter at MoFunZone and Best Web Games. The game is a free flash game, so no downloads are required.


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