All you need is four seconds


Anyone up for a WarioWare-like game that is simple to learn but uber-frustrating at the same time? Enter Four Second Fury, a game that comes with only one set of rules: use your arrow keys and space bar.

That’s it. No other explanation for gameplay is given, so you basically have to figure out how to play the mini (erm… micro) games in the four seconds that are supplied for each one. Each game gives you a command like “Run!” or “Shoot!” and nothing more. They’re not necessarily hard to learn but may upset the more stress-prone among us.

The games are interesting to a point. They get repetitive as the object of many of the games are similar. For example, more than one game makes you go from point A to point B with only the use of your arrow keys. Of course, it’s probably hard to conjure many four second games for a varied gaming experience.

The graphics change with each game. Sometimes, the pictures look like something someone would draw with a tablet and artpad. Other drawings are stylized to look like old video games. It depends on the game. I think the overall style keeps the game from being cohesive enough, even though the idea is to have a frenzied, detached pace.

The best thing about the game is its replay value. I found myself coming back to it simply because I wanted to see if I could get further into the game than I had done before.

neutral.jpgI would have liked to have seen a little more variety, but Four Second Fury is a great game to play if you only have a few minutes of free time.


4 Responses to All you need is four seconds

  1. TravistyOJ says:

    Pretty fun. I think the music during the gameplay was actually a techno remix of a song from neverending story. I couldn’t find music credits though. Dang, that’s gunna bother me now.

  2. Joy says:

    I didn’t even make the connection between Neverending Story and this. But I’d imagine that would be some kind of copyright breech (breach?). Maybe not.

  3. Tylor says:

    Well after several tries I finally beat that one.

  4. Joy says:

    Hehe. It takes some time. >

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