The Free MMO Game

After an excruciatingly long download of “Maple Story,” I excitedly booted it up, made my cute character, and happily slicedmaplestory.jpg away at snails.  But five minutes in, I got bored.  Perhaps it’s my lack of game savviness.  Perhaps it’s my complte lack of an attention span.  It’s probably because I didn’t have the patience to get to the community aspect of the game. Whatever it is, I did not have a great time playing it.

I can’t imagine leveling up my character for no reason.  If anyone has any good things to say about Maple Story (or any other free MMO game), please leave a comment.  I feel like I’m missing the point of these games.


7 Responses to The Free MMO Game

  1. TravistyOJ says:

    Gotta love free MMOs. I used to play Runescape all the time, but grew tired of it.

  2. Xeos Celeres says:

    I’ve got friends still crazy about Runescape. Another nice free MMO is fly for fun online.

  3. Joy says:

    Runescape? Should I try that one? (My friend suggested I play Maple Story because he’s on it, for one thing)

  4. Joseph says:

    It’s not the best advertised games you go to, but the best content games you choose. There are some independent game awards every year, (yes the grammar is wrong but oh well) and they choose some of the best that are submitted each year, most of them with small groups behind developing them. forgot the link, you can find it online. A MMO that I like is Bang! Howdy, a western RTS game, or Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates, made by the same group that made Bang! Howdy. Can’t comment on the pirates, but if you liked Advance Wars? (GBA) you’ll like Bang! Howdy. And it’s free!

  5. TravistyOJ says:

    I was into Puzzle Pirates for a while. Awesome idea but most of the puzzle games were meh.

  6. Joy says:

    Joseph — Uhm. Yeah. I spend my life trying to look for unadvertised games. 🙂 Hehe. And yes, since I, too, read the venerable Joystiq, I know of the independent gaming awards. 😉

    Travis — Well, I guess I could still give it a shot.

  7. Tannas says:

    I’ll throw out my recomendation for Ragnraok Online. It combines cartoon sprites with full 3D maps.

    Although you do need to pay a monthly fee to pay on the official server, there are as one might say *cough cough* unofficial servers? (am I allowed to say that? @_@) For info about the server I’m playing on now, visit:

    On this server, you level 13 times faster than you would on the official server, I played on a 3x server for over a year, and never transcended…to find out what that mean visit the official site:

    Take a look around and see what you think, 1GB download if you go with clownphopia, then updates also.

    Anyways! Good luck on your MMO hunt ^_^

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