Take this ticket to ride

ticketfuzzy.jpgMost times, board games translated into ones and zeroes don’t turn out so hot. Case in point: any console Monopoly game and The Game of Life for PC. But Days of Wonder, a prominent card and board game maker, managed to do with their javascript games that companies like Parker Brothers have not: made them engaging. Currently, I tend to play “Ticket to Ride.”

ticketcardsfuzzy.jpgBasically, you try to claim as much of the available train track as you can. Okay, no. That’s pointless. You have to make very long continuous tracks while connecting destinations on ticket cards. Ticket cards ask you to go from city to city. In the USA version, it could be anything from a ticket pointing you on a route from Los Angeles to New York or one that requires a quick jaunt from New York to Miami. While the more ambitious ticket choices have higher point values, if you fail to connect the dots, the points are deducted from your score.

You can only set down trains if you have card colors that match the track colors and if you have the right number of cards to claim the track. Locomotives are like wildcards (I guess not all trains need them?), so they can be any color.

Of course, while you’re trying to hoard enough purple cards and locomotives in order to claim that long stretch of railway between two cities, someone might take it before you. Yes, I’ve cringed a few times at the computer screen when a fellow player (probably sitting pretty behind his computer console in some place interesting like New York or Paris) took my much needed route from Point A to Point B.

The game challenges its players to plan multiple routes for their trains so they don’t get trapped without a railway to their destination point. Or, and this has happened to me more often, I ran out of train cars. That’s right–you only get a limited number of cars to work with, and once someone has only one or two left, the game cycles into its last turn. Because of this, creative thinking is a must-have quality in the game.

By itself, the game is a great javascript version and will only take about 45 minutes to an hour of your time. An account on the Days of Wonder site is free. However, the folks at Days of Wonder hope it will entice you enough to buy the board game.

happy.jpgWhether or not you wish to invest in the actual, real-live board game (do they still make those these days?) you should definitely check out Ticket to Ride. It’s enjoyable, and, dare I say it? Fun.


5 Responses to Take this ticket to ride

  1. Richrad says:

    Thanks for pointing this out! I’ve wanted to play this game for a while but it’s hard to justify buying board games when I can’t really get my friends together to play.

  2. It’s great to see you coming up to speed on better games, and better board games.

    Drop by boardgamegeek.com and peruse the top 100 games. Also check out their Holiday Gift Guide for some ideas on all you miss if you live strictly digital.


  3. Joy says:

    Richrad — Thanks for coming by! Yes, it’s fun to get together a lot of people around a board, but the next best thing is to play it on the Internet.

    Yehuda — Also, thanks for visiting. 🙂 I love board games, so I thought it was only natural for my website. I will definitely look at boardgamegeek.com to see what I’ve been missing.

  4. carina says:

    Hello there,
    I found your blog through Best Blogs and I just wanted to say that I’ve really been enjoying it! I think your reviewing system is super sweet.

    Have a nice day! =)

  5. Joy says:

    Hey carina, thanks! I like my reviewing system, too.

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