Gorgeous Time Consumer

bells.jpgWinterbells is an absolutely gorgeous flash diversion. It falls into the same category as the other flash games that are unbelievably simple, but, at the same time, will devour your time as you find you are addicted to bouncing around on gorgeously rendered bells.

This mouse-driven game has you guiding a bunny as he hops from bell to bell. Each acts as a sort of trampoline to get you to the next one. You don’t technically need to bounce on the bells, you can bounce through them, too. Oh, and using birds as springboards earns you double points.

The game also records your high score, so you can, in effect, try to beat your own best score. Unless, of course, other people are also playing on your machine. Then you’d be competing against them.

happy.jpgThe graphics make this flash game stand out, so much so that the first time you play you’ll be drooling. And the gameplay makes it stick.

Winterbells is from a website by Ferry Halim called Orisinal.  Her other games are equally beautiful and playable. Thanks to Carina for the tip!


3 Responses to Gorgeous Time Consumer

  1. TravistyOJ says:

    Cool, that was fun. I played it on my Wii. When I missed the bell and watched the rabbit fall, I actually wanted to hear a “splat” sound. I got up to 35,350.

  2. Joy says:

    ^^; Well, okay… I guess. That just makes me a little… squeamish… I guess. If that happened.

  3. Josh Smith says:

    Thanks for posting the link to Winterbells. That’s a lot of fun! The music is soothing, too.

    Can you point me to a list of links to beatiful Flash games like Winterbells?


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