I am a college girl at UoE and I love to play video games. Yup, that’s the only “credential” I have. I don’t play video games for a living. My opinions came from years of playing games at home for fun. So that’s what I’m trying to present. Fun games for you from the perspective of a “casual gamer.”

I’m what they call a “casual gamer,” simply because I lack the funds (and television) to buy all the shiny new $50 games I want. So in this little corner of the web, I will focus on free or slightly cheap games.

Except for the Monkey Island series. You must buy Monkey Island and most of the LucasArts adventure games.

Moving along. I will review just downloadable (and cheap un-downloadable) games so you don’t have to wade through the muck.

Yes, other people on the Internet review games. But none are as beautifully disjointed as mine.


3 Responses to About

  1. bonnieq says:

    Hi, Joy! I notice that you must be new to Word Press; so, welcome aboard. I wanted to return your visit to my blog. Alas, I’m not into gaming, other than playing solitaire on my computer when I don’t want to do anything else. LOL! Otherwise, as you might have noticed when you visited my blog, I am a writer/author and the bulk of my work is in God’s Holy Bible.

    Enjoy blogging and, perhaps, you will branch out from gaming to writing other things, too.

    Love in Christ,
    Truth Seekers and Speakers, see blogroll
    Unicorn Haven, see blogroll

  2. joy says:

    Hi bonnie! Thanks for visiting. 🙂 I have a blog about writing, too. So I don’t only write about games. This just happens to be the newest one.

  3. Alex says:

    Hi, Joy

    Wow, it is a maniac gamer’s blog… ^_^

    I’m looking for scrabble games, could you help me to find one? free game for download. It looks like you know a lot about such stuff. Review it as you still don’t have that kind of game. Thanks.


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