Game of Interest: Don’t have a pumpkin yet?

October 30, 2006


Are you having a hard time trying to find a pumpkin to carve? I can’t supply you with the real thing, but has a virtual pumpkin for you to carve with your ever-handy mouse.Consider this my early Halloween treat to all of you (maybe… 2? 3?) readers who come around today and tomorrow.

The game is cute and it shouldn’t take much of your time. Unless you’re art-obsessed and can draw very, very well with your mouse. If you do, why not send a screenshot my way? 😉 I’ll post it on my site.


Game of Interest: Mario World Online

October 20, 2006


Just the mention of the name Mario makes many gamers emit a nostalgic sigh (even if you weren’t even born when Mario was released in his first incarnation as the princess-saving Donkey Kong-beating pixel plumber).

I found this morning that a gaming company has translated the Mario-goodness of Super Mario World into a flash version so you can play it in your browser.

Ah, the sweet joys of bouncing on koopas and growing larger and smaller at the whims of a mushroom. Just thought I’d drop it by all of you readers (uhm… the two of you that happen by every day) so you can go reminisce. No, I won’t review this particular game.