Best Undownloadable Games for under $20

December 20, 2006

Beyond Good and EvilChristmas is on Monday. Today’s your LAST chance to get anything by Dec. 22 if you order from Amazon. So get your last minute on-line shopping done and over with. Here’s my suggestion of fun, yet amazingly cheap, games playable on any home or handheld console. (In no particular order, might I add).

Escape from Monkey Island — Windows ($19 from Amazon Sellers)

This jewel case version for Windows (it works on XP, if anyone’s wondering, although it’s made for older versions) is a little wonky with the controls, but still has that genuine Monkey Island humor to it. You play as Guybrush Threepwood (Mighty Pirate) as he wanders (erm… sails) through the Caribbean trying to bring his wife back from being legally declared dead. And other mishaps leads him back to that place he was before: Monkey Island. Fun all around.

Sidenote: Okay, fanboys, eat me up now, since I know you think this is the worst of the Monkey Island series. Read the rest of this entry »


Travis’ Pumpkin PWNs

October 31, 2006


Oh, how very, very inadequate I feel. Travis sent in this picture of a rather menacing jack-o-lantern that would eat my pumpkin alive.

You can still submit your pumpkin art through midnight on Halloween.  Just go to this site and get started.

Game of Interest: Don’t have a pumpkin yet?

October 30, 2006


Are you having a hard time trying to find a pumpkin to carve? I can’t supply you with the real thing, but has a virtual pumpkin for you to carve with your ever-handy mouse.Consider this my early Halloween treat to all of you (maybe… 2? 3?) readers who come around today and tomorrow.

The game is cute and it shouldn’t take much of your time. Unless you’re art-obsessed and can draw very, very well with your mouse. If you do, why not send a screenshot my way? 😉 I’ll post it on my site.