Quadplex free for guests, but experience lacks

October 21, 2006

quadplex.jpgI really suck at Scrabble. My grasp of vocabulary? Okay. My spacial intelligence, however, doesn’t match up with my verbal intelligence. Meaning this: I can never make intelligent words with the little alphabets lined up in front of me.

But, I swallowed my pride and searched for a free on-line Scrabble game per request from a visitor. I did find a rather nice downloadable game, but it wasn’t free. I did find Quadplex, a seemingly ongoing multi-user game.

You can either make your own account or log in as a guest. However, making an account means you’d have to pay. And who wants to do that?

Needless to say, I played as a guest. All guests have an “F” rating on Quadplex, meaning that you have no experience. Or you really, really suck. Mine was probably both. I played another guest who probably yawned her (his?) way through our debacle of a game. I ended with a measly 180 points. Other guest had 300 points.

I guess that’s one of the caveats of not actually registering (and paying). If you play other guests, you don’t really know how good they are. Registering will let you keep a running “grade” so people will know how well (or not) you play.

The Java-based system works quite well. There didn’t seem to be any slowdowns and the system perfectly calculated points.

Anyone who knows how to play Scrabble can play Quadplex. In my case, that means I know how to play. Just not very well. I think I’ll stick to play Hang Kangaroo at Miniclip…

neutral.jpg Quadplex is a decent substitute for Scrabble and you can play anyone. But to get the full experience, you need to register. I also wish the interface were a little nicer.

You can play Quadplex as a guest, which I highly recommend. Otherwise, you would have to pay to play.