WADP is a not-to-be missed jaunt (er… bounce)

November 14, 2006

wadf.jpgWithin a Deep Forest” laughs in the face of platformers that take themselves too seriously, while offering an adventure that’s both frustrating and gratifying at the same time. Actually, the frustration comes when you know that you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be–except you can’t manipulate your character to bounce correctly.

Yes. You bounce. Why? Because you maneuver various ball types around (one at a time, of course) rather extensive levels to prevent Dr. Cliche from setting off his bomb that will inevitably destroy the world. By freezing it. Which I suppose is better than having the world blow up into pieces of oblivion and disperse into the universe. But who would know?

The actually controls are manageable. Unlike many of the other games I’ve reviewed, all gameplay is controlled by all of six keys: the four arrow keys and the A and S keys. That’s it. But don’t let the simplistic gameplay make you complacent.

The game boasts an array of different ball types to get you through the levels. Some levels require a certain ball type; the glass ball, for example, shatters easily but won’t be affected by laser beams. Some balls go fast, bounce high, but are barely controllable.

And this game will screw with you. Your mind, at least. Imagine the most infuriating experiences you’ve had with goodwadf2.jpg games. Levels that you’re absolutely sure you’re doing the right thing. And then you find that you’ve been approaching it in exactly the wrong way. That’s what Within a Deep Forest is like during many of the levels. Or you know what you’re supposed to be doing, you’re doing it correctly, but the ball won’t do what you want it to.

However, you won’t want to abandon the game because the levels are wonderfully large and the pixel graphics are beautiful. Some of the in-game jokes are funny. They’re mostly graphical and involve various different strange animals eating your character. Even the music is interesting to listen to, if a little creepy at times.

happy.jpgIn all, Within a Deep forest is a great experience that will probably have you bashing your head against the keyboard during certain levels. Other than that, it’s wonderfully immersive and every aspect has been done to a high standard.

The .exe file download is 17.8 MB. There is also a .zip file you can download.


Abducting Ten Minutes of Your Time

October 10, 2006

abducted1.jpgIn “Abducted: 10 Minutes!!”, you play a policeman whose daughter has been kidnapped by the very terrorists he capture in 1994. If you take any longer than 10 minutes to rescue your daughter, she gets shot. Of course, there’s plenty of opportunity in the game for you to get shot yourself. Don’t worry. There’s a save function so you don’t have to start from the beginning every time you die.

The premise of the game is interesting due to the 10-minute time limit. Most everything takes place in a single apartment building, although you do have to use your car and talk to a bum outside. This is a simple point and click adventure, but you need to use your right-click more than usual to change between actions.

The graphics of the game are rudimentary at best. The hardest part of the game is interacting with the environment. You may have to click around a certain item to even use it due to the very particular pointer. This can be remedied when you realize a single white pixel at the edge of your “hand” command (and all the others), is actually what you need to align with objects. Even then, it’s a little hard to know where things are meant to be clicked.neutral.jpg

Verdict: It’s worthwhile to play since it’s a free download. The story is somewhat interesting, but the game is short.

You can download Abucted from this website. It’s a 900kb download. You will also need to unzip the file, so you need a program like Winzip. This program is absolutely free to download.

Not so “Delicious”

October 10, 2006

delicious.jpgDelicious is a game about serving food. For those of you privy to such games as Diner Dash and Cake Mania, you can somewhat garner an idea of what it’s about. You play a girl named Emily (I’m quite sure that’s her name; you don’t really get an idea of her character throughout the game so she could be named Restaurant Master for all I care) who has dreamed of owning a restaurant. Perhaps the only reason I know this is because the first restaurant is called “Emily’s Dream.”

Okay, so games that you download off Shockwave Unlimited or Yahoo! Games aren’t necessarily the best at setting up a premise. What you go download a game for (and the reason you pay $8/month for RealArcade) is to have fun and indulge in original gameplay.

So, here’s the gameplay. Each level looks nearly identical to the one before. You have a counter space where various foods can be prepared (milkshakes, cookies, salads, bagel sandwiches, etc.) and where your customers can pay for their meal. There are also tables in the restaurants where customers can sit if they don’t want to walk to the counter to order. That’s when you have to become super waitress and serve the sitting customers, too.

Sound complicated? It’s not. I found myself falling asleep during some levels. The game practically cdeliciousangry.jpgrawls until the middle of a shift when everyone decides to order at the same time; and even that doesn’t happen until about the fourth restaurant. You can even manage to win a level with a few red-faced customers storming out. On the other hand, you could play a level perfectly and not reach the goal points.

Even worse (or perhaps, this is a blessing), the game is short. There are only seven restaurants with five levels each — a grand total of 35 levels that all look the same. You don’t even have a real indication of the fact that the game will end. It just ends and tells you to go play its equivalent of Endless Mode.

sad.jpgThe verdict? It’s fun for an hour or so, but then there’s nothing left. This game has no replay value. It could have been a great game. Instead, it became a repetitive mush.

Delicious can be downloaded from Yahoo! Games and RealArcade. RealArcade has a game subscription service that allows you to download one free game a month for around $8 a month. Then they allow you to take $5 off the base price of any game. You should not pay the $20 price tag for Delicious. Either take advantage of RealArcade’s free download or download the free one-hour trial from .