Reviewing System

My reviews will be based on an intuitive smiley system.

veryhappy.jpgAn absolutely wonderful game that you MUST invest in gets an Extremely Happy rating. These are games that I absolutely adored and you probably will, too.

happy.jpgThe Happy Rating games are wonderful and worth the time needed to play them. Of course, there are slight problems with them that keep them from being extremely wonderful.

neutral.jpgThe Neutral games have some flaw in them that makes them appeal only to a certain audience. Or, they could be just diversions rather than full-fledged time consumers.

sad.jpgGames that earn a Sad Rating have some major flaw in them.  They’re games that you would love to love, but they fall short of expectations for one reason or another.
angry.jpgThe Angry Rating is reserved especially for those games that are so bad they shouldn’t exist.  Enough said.


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